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Pollenating Bumble Bee


Photo with Poem Wall Art


Decoration for your bathroom...



This is an original R. Renée Bembry photograph of a bumble bee pollenating a flower; and an original R. Renée Bembry verse about keeping bathrooms clean.


Decorators like it when those who utilize rooms they adorn show appreciation by doing their part to keep the areas clean.


This artwork with cleanliness poem lets you add beauty to your bathroom while reminding users to do their part sharing cleanliness responsibilities at the same time.


Oh.. Yeah! And one more thing... The verse also reminds everyone to wash their hands! before leaving the bathroom!


Features - -

  • Photographic print
  • Comes on durable heavyweight stock paper
  •  Frames well in 8" x 10" frames or 11" x 14" frames when matted
  • Artwork is colorful, bright, and eye catching
  • *Poem is short eight-liner verse that gets to the point


Verse reads


"Respect this bathroom

Keep it clean

I know you know

What I mean

Make sure the seat

Is dry you know

Wash your hands

Before you go"

Purchase print only


See light frame version

See dark frame version